The Art Of...

A second collection of new tunes in traditional dance forms, including
Jigs, Slip Jigs, Marches, Hornpipes, Reels, Strathspeys, Strathspey Airs, and Waltzes


  1. Fear of a New Good Habit (Jig in D)
  2. Double Espresso (Jig in D)
  3. Miss Hanneke's Favourite (Jig in A/D)
  4. Waverley Station (Jig in D)
  5. Pete and Lori's Wedding (Jig in A)
  6. Sixteen Pills and a Midnight Swim (Jig in Em)
  7. A Queen More Subtle (Jig in F#m)
  8. The Synaptic Jig (Jig in D)
  9. Own (Jig in A)
  10. Baby with a Deep Voice (Jig in F/Dm)
  11. Release (Jig in Dm/A)
  12. The Global Dance Conspiracy (Jig in Em/E)
  13. A Little Ride on the Boat to Heaven (Jig in D)
  14. Shatter (Jig in G)
  15. Did you say...? (Jig in A)
  16. Between (Jig in G)
  17. Cherries (Jig in Am)
  18. Where Was I? (Slip Jig in D)
  19. Tell It Like It Isn't (Slip Jig in G)
  20. Barbara's Evening March to Grenoside (March in D)
  21. The Route To Mars (March in D)
  22. Eleanor Roosevelt Carroll the Fearless (March in G)
  23. Service Hornpipe (Hornpipe in A)
  24. East's Hornpipe (Hornpipe in F)
  25. North's Hornpipe (Hornpipe in Gm)
  26. Drop the Soap (Reel in F)
  27. Joys and Obligations (Reel in Gm)
  28. Move On (Reel in D)
  29. Goad the Devil to Take Another Soul (Reel in G)
  30. With Natarajah (Reel in Dm)
  31. Wake Up Full (Reel in A)
  32. This Lady's for Turning (Reel in F)
  33. The Art of... (Reel in E)
  34. Crystal (Reel in D/Bm)
  35. Pull the arms off the clock (Reel in Em)
  36. Poised to Lie (Reel in Am/C)
  37. Soft Shoe Crab (Reel in D/Dm)
  38. Cool Air Comin' Out of My Chimney Now (Reel in A)
  39. Pretty But Useless (Reel in C)
  40. Aren't you the cat's meow? (Reel in Gm/Bb)
  41. Suckin' Teeth (Reel in Em)
  42. Raffle the Vote (Reel in C)
  43. Fiddle Me This! (Strathspey in Em)
  44. Solstice (Strathspey in F)
  45. Andrew Smith (Strathspey in Gm)
  46. Offers (Strathspey in Dm)
  47. Dave Wiesler (Strathspey in Gm/Bb)
  48. Fiona Miller's (Strathspey in Dm)
  49. The Clearing (Strathspey in D/Bm)
  50. Equinox (Strathspey in Eb)
  51. Methods (Strathspey in Cm)
  52. Send it to the feet (Strathspey in Bm)
  53. Unspoken (Strathspey in A)
  54. Adrift (Strathspey Air in A)
  55. David's Air (Strathspey Air in Gm)
  56. Waiting For Dawn (Waltz in G)
  57. The Tin Anniversary (Waltz in D)
  58. Rue the Day (Waltz in Am)
  59. Chasing Fog (Waltz in G)
  60. The Architect (Waltz in Gm)
  61. Northern Lights (Waltz in D)