More Memories of Scottish Weekend

Picture of More Memories of Scottish Weekend CD Cover Liz Donaldson, piano
Dan Emery, pipes
Earl Gaddis, fiddle
Ralph Gordon, cello and bass
Anne Hooper, fiddle
Betsy Hooper, fiddle
David Knight, fiddle
Dave Wiesler, piano

This CD captures the spirit of a Scottish country dance ball and is enjoyable for both listening and dancing. Playlist follows:


  1. Hornpipes suitable for Catch the Wind: 8x32 Hornpipe [4:56]
    Master Erskine aka Gipsy Hornpipe / Levantine's Barrel / William Taylor's Table Top Hornpipe
  2. The Jubilee Jig: 8x32 Jig [4:55]
    Miss Gordon of Liverpool / Tarry a While / Mrs. Oswald's Favourite Reel
  3. Asilomar Romantic: 8x32 Strathspey [8:43]
    Loch Ba / Weaver Has a Daughter / Fort Worden Sunset / Lord of the Isles
  4. The Duke of Atholl's Reel: 8x32 Jig [4:57]
    Atholl Highlanders / Captain Maguire / The Kitchen Maid
  5. Denise's Waltz [5x32 Waltz] [3:53]
  6. The Royal Deeside Railway: 8x32 Reel [4:52]
    On the Fiddle / Culburnie Cottage / Spootiskerry
  7. Set of Strathspeys: 3x32 Strathspey [3:20]
    La Passeggiatta / Elaine Wallace Brunken / The Earl of Northampton
  8. Waverley: 8x48 Jig [7:02]
    The Lowland Lads Think They Are Fine / Col. Ridley's Quickstep / The De'ils Awa' w' th' Exciseman / Lady Nelly Wemyss
  9. Round Reel of Eight: 1x88 Reel [1:52]
    Mrs. Anderson's / Lochmaben Hornpipe / Lasses Trust in Providence
  10. Gypsy Weaver: 8x32 Strathspey [8:24]
    The Gypsy Weaver / When the King Came O'er the Water / Hard Is My Fate / Rob Donn McKay the Poet
  11. EH3 7AF: 8x32 Jig [4:46]
    Pentland Jig / Cape North Jig / Miss Katie Hall's Reel / Rod's Birthday
  12. Balquidder Strathspey: 8x32 Strathspey [8:40]
    Mr. Oswald of Auchincruive / Haughs of Cromdale / Mull Rant / They Stole My Wife From Me
  13. The Mason's Apron: 8x32 Reel [4:49]
    The Mason's Apron / Smith's Delight / Uncle Henry's Reel / Coire an Lachan
  14. Bonnie at Morn [4x32 Waltz] [3:17]

Total Time [74:46]

SW 02