A collection of tunes for traditional dance, performance, and self-entertainment...
including Polkas, Jigs, Slip Jigs, Songs, Slow Airs, Marches, Strathspeys, Strathspey Airs, Reels, and Waltzes.


  1. Butterfly Antics (polka in G)
  2. If You Would Woo Me, Feed Me Dinner (polka in Bm)
  3. Per Nunno (polka in Em)
  4. The Standards (jig in C)
  5. The Wind Is Louder Now (jig in G)
  6. Where Did We Say That We Would Meet? (jig in D)
  7. Go Down Smoothly (jig in G)
  8. Daydream Jig (jig in G)
  9. The Chase (jig in C)
  10. Cerebrum (jig in F)
  11. Birth of a Pony (jig in E)
  12. Vector Control (jig in Gm)
  13. Trifles (jig in A)
  14. Awake Before Dawn (jig in G)
  15. Pete and Mary, Mary and Pete (jig in A)
  16. Spite (jig in Gm)
  17. Yabbedy Dabbedy Doo (jig in G)
  18. Appeals (slip jig in Am)
  19. Elizabeth Sophia Guarino Appears (slip jig in E)
  20. The Explanation (slip jig in F)
  21. Craving (slip jig in Dm)
  22. Pounce (slip jig in D)
  23. Happenstance (slip jig in A)
  24. Tickling Pete (slip jig in E)
  25. Pete and Mary, Mary and Pete (song in D)
  26. I am without torment or misery (slow air in D)
  27. I Cannot Speak (slow air in Gm)
  28. Sundown (march in C)
  29. The Burglar's Diary (Strathspey in C)
  30. The Seething Daughter (Strathspey in Am)
  31. Mt. Pleasant (Strathspey in D)
  32. Drumnadrochit (Strathspey in F sharp minor)
  33. The Bonnie Beaton's (Strathspey in Bb)
  34. The Waiting (Strathspey in Dm)
  35. The Field (Strathspey in D)
  36. The Patron (Strathspey Air in D)
  37. The Mer et l'Esprit Noir (reel in D)
  38. Dapper Pappy (reel in A)
  39. The Broad Reel (reel in D)
  40. Is It Wooing You Want? (reel in F sharp minor)
  41. The Burglar's Diary (reel in C)
  42. Abigail Adams Carroll's Retreat (reel in Am)
  43. The Speedy Bike (reel in D)
  44. The Metcalfe Cap (reel in E)
  45. Onno's Leather Britches (reel in Am)
  46. Sazzling (reel in E)
  47. Slap Happy (reel in B)
  48. Pat's Fury (reel in Am)
  49. Back When I Wore Suspenders to Church (reel in D)
  50. Rosin the Strings (reel in A)
  51. Oh, the Aftertaste! (reel in C)
  52. The Gossipmongers' Rag (reel in D)
  53. Liz's Waltz (waltz in G)
  54. The Outskirts (waltz in Bm)
  55. Fleeting (waltz in Gm)