The Call

A third collection of new tunes in traditional dance forms, including Hornpipes, Jigs, Marches, Reels, Strathspeys, Strathspey Airs, and Waltzes.


  1. Hop, Skip and Jump (hornpipe in G)
  2. President-Elect Obama's Hornpipe (Bb)
  3. Unethical Hornpipe (dm)
  4. South's Hornpipe (Eb)
  5. Purpose of Leisure (jig in A)Umami (jig in am)
  6. Roll Lobster Roll! (jig in C)
  7. Dancing with David at Provincetown Pier (jig in D)
  8. Fast Clip (jig in D)
  9. Fun of the Stretch (jig in D)
  10. In Praise of the Bicycle (jig in D)
  11. Launch (jig in D)
  12. Sudoku or Bad News (jig in D/am)
  13. Malbec (jig in dm)
  14. Tattle Told (jig in dm)
  15. Cautious Jig (Eb)
  16. Joggleboard (jig in Eb)
  17. Call (jig in em)
  18. Boy Logic (jig in F)
  19. Antici... (jig in G)
  20. Spring Sun (jig in G)
  21. See Tiny Vandal (jig in gm)
  22. Heebee Jeebees (You Give Me) (jig in gm)
  23. Memories of My Grandparents (march in Bb)
  24. Run on the Hill (march in G)
  25. Joys of Balding (reel in A)
  26. World Trade (reel in Aopen)
  27. Four Across (reel in am)
  28. Guests Arriving (reel in am)
  29. I Do Not Know (and I Haven't Been Told) (reel in am)
  30. Hucksters, Book Agents, and Organ Grinders (reel in Bb)
  31. On Top of a Lap (reel in Bb)
  32. New Bomber Jacket (reel in bm)
  33. Reserve (reel in bm)
  34. Heck of a Job (reel in C)
  35. Almost Gone (reel in D)
  36. David Knight's Extended Farewell to Apathy (Whatever) (reel in dm)
  37. David Knight's Farewell to Apathy (Whatever) (reel in dm)
  38. Deck of Roof (reel in dm)
  39. Intriguing Invitation (reel in em)
  40. Tango Delta (reel in F)
  41. Trip to the Cleaners (reel in F)
  42. Holiday Road (reel in G)
  43. Wolftrot (reel in G)
  44. David Brooks (Strathspey in A)
  45. Rising (Strathspey in A)
  46. Thirteen Down (Strathspey in am)
  47. Katydid (Strathspey in C)
  48. Strathspey for the Holocene (Strathspey in C)
  49. Carla Wiedemann (Strathspey in cm)
  50. I am tired of working (Strathspey in cm)
  51. In Shade (Strathspey in cm)
  52. Strathspey for the Boisterous (Strathspey in E)
  53. Rough Wooing (Strathspey in Eb)
  54. Puppet Schemes (A Strathspey of Deception) (Strathspey in em)
  55. Look Backward (Strathspey in F)
  56. Theme for Terry (Strathspey in F)
  57. To Exist Is To Insist (Strathspey in F)
  58. Blueprint for a Cloud (Strathspey in G)
  59. Shelter (Strathspey in G)
  60. What Is Granted (Strathspey in G)
  61. Contemplation (Strathspey Air in dm)
  62. Roof Garden (Strathspey Air in F)
  63. Meridien Hill (waltz in A)
  64. Slushing of the Snow (waltz in am)
  65. Watch the Sky (waltz in Bb)
  66. Spring Blossoms Frozen (waltz in bm)
  67. Waltz for Now (D)
  68. What I Conceal (waltz in dm)
  69. Lullaby for Twins (waltz in E)
  70. Waltz for a Sleepy Harem (G)
  71. Waltz of the Planes (G)