S=Scottish; E=English; C=Contra; 2=Couples; O=Other

Code order shows focus areas.

Playing in 2020s

Callithump! (C/2)
The Evil Twins (C/2/S/E/O)
The Gyrations (C/2/E/S/O)
The High Drive (C/2)
Scotch Gambit (S/C/2/O/E)
Thistle House (S)
Waverley Station (S/C/2/E/O)
Wyndream (2/S/C)

Last played in 2010s

Green Light Karma (C/2/E)
Rosinance (C/2/S)
Special Agent Galactica's Ye Olde ROCK N ROLL Show (O)

Last played in 2000s

Drumnadrochit (S)
Skidu! (O/C)
Sligo Creek (C)
Tally-ho! (S/C/2/E/O)
Vertigo (C/2)
The Waltztrons (2/C)

Last played in 1990s

Holly Ridge (C/S/O)
Patrick's Cadillac (O/C)